The Indian School of Solar Presents: The Six Day Intergrated Course for Solar Installation

The new solar installation training school The Indian School of Solar, in association with the Solar Man India are proud to introduce this 6 day specialised course for solar installation. The course will be led by Australian electrical engineer and solar technician Andrew Nichols. Andrew comes to us with the Australian Clean Energy Council training certification and 20+ years experience. The course will run for 5-6 days and will cover theory and practical training aimed at PV installation, array and configuration as well as off grid connection systems. The course is a first of its kind here in India and students will leave trained in accordance with the very high Australian design and installation standards AS4777 & AS5033. This course is perfect for all bright electrical and electronic engineers who may have limited solar experience but who are eager to learn and perhaps branch out into doing their own solar PV system designs and installations.


Training is provided by experienced and Clean Energy Council certified solar installers form Australia. Enroll today!

Course Focuses on:

  • Installation Techniques
  • Selection of materials
  • Operation and Maintenance activities
  • Net Metering Procedures
  • Hands on training

Benefits :

  1. Trained in accordance to Clean Energy Council (CEC) standards from Australia
  2. Trained by certified and experienced solar installers from Australia
  3. Short time duration to learn theory and practical together
  4. Hands on training provided with live 5kW solar system installed
  5. Course completion certificate

The 5-6 days training course is divided into the following:

Day 1: Classroom theory Revision on Power, Energy and Energy auditing in the home, followed by solar PV electrical parameters and specifications.

Day 2: Classroom theory Inverter electrical parameters and specifications along with PV racking and roof interfacing structures and requirements.

Also covered: Grid connected block diagrams in detail. Net and Gross metering types. Irradiance and PSH calculations and using this information to design systems.

Day 3 and 4: Practical installation We will install a 5kWp solar PV system on the rooftop of the main building. Students learn how to assemble and install PV array racking on a flat concrete rooftop and then connect up PV module strings.

Day 5 and 6: Net metering connection procedure in India. Final exam and debrief students.

Practical Training :

Solar Installation Training with The Solar Man India.

Classroom Training :