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Solar EPC company Mumbai, India | What we do ?

The Solar Man India, is a solar EPC company Mumbai, India. We are specialist EPC contractors for solar power plants in India. Technology in the renewable energy industry is evolving at a rapid pace and The Solar Man India is at the forefront of innovation amongst the list of solar companies in Mumbai. With the expertise of our award-winning parent company Renewable Energy Solutions Australia (RESAU), we aim to revolutionise the Indian solar energy market.

What Is Solar EPC?

EPC stands for Engineering, Procurement, Construction and is a prominent form of contracting agreement amongst solar industries in Mumbai, India. Our engineering, procurement and construction team carries out the detailed engineering and design of the project, procure all the equipment and materials necessary, and then construct to deliver a fully functioning rooftop solar power plant. We ensure that your solar energy project is built, designed and delivered at the right price and on time, unlike the lacklustre list of solar EPC companies in India.

Why Solar Energy in Mumbai, India?

We chose to situate our Indian Headquarters in Mumbai as the potential for solar energy in Mumbai is extremely high. For the first time ever, the declining cost of solar power is now putting it in direct competition with the fossil fuels. We are in the midst of a solar power revolution that promises to change the world. The geographical location of Mumbai provides the city with almost 300 days of sunlight in a year, making sun the most abundantly available source of renewable energy that we are yet to fully tap into. With the cost of electricity in Mumbai only on the rise, solar energy has by far the most potential to supply all of our needs for the foreseeable future. Our solar EPC company Mumbai aims at making solar energy easily accessible to one-and-all.

Our engineer will be dispatched at your site to deliver an in-depth presentation about the feasibility of solar energy for your property. This process involves an audit of your site as well as your annual electricity bill. Based on the analysis, a break-up about your annual financial savings will be delivered immediately, along with an instant quotation for the same. He will also inform you about the government schemes and income tax saving policies which you can benefit from when you decide to embrace the sun. Give us a call at +91 7506074001, we would love to show you how solar energy power plants can practically pay for themselves.

Every rooftop power plant is different, just as every customer and consequently every design. Our engineers go back to the drawing board for every new project as we do not believe that one size fits all. Our special non-invasive concrete ballast mounting bases are designed to withstand high wind speeds while making sure water penetration risks are avoided. Every single component in the design has a specific purpose and has been accounted for. Our intelligent design makes sure that none of your hard-earned money goes to waste. Space is a scarce commodity in Mumbai and we make sure that you get the maximum output from every square inch of your rooftop solar system in India.

On-site installation of your solar power plant starts with the procurement of high quality solar pv panels. The procurement process involves selecting vendors, establishing payment terms, strategic vetting, selection, negotiation of contracts and the actual purchase of goods. We offer solar pv panels from a list of solar energy companies in Mumbai and all over the world; ranging from Vikram Solar, Tata Power Solar, Waaree Group, Trina Solar, Jinka Solar and many more. Our solar EPC company Mumbai is not tied up with any particular solar brand or solar panel manufacturers in Mumbai, as a result we have the ability to offer the client a wide range of permutations and combinations when it comes down to setting up their very own solar power plant. Our stringent quality measures ensure that the installation of the solar power plant is carried out with utmost care. The focus of the installation being on quality and on-time delivery.

Unlike other prominent solar EPC companies in Mumbai, our relationship with our clients does not end after delivery of the project. We are always available for further consultations and queries to help with trouble-shooting or suggestions about maintenance of your rooftop solar power plant. Even though rooftop solar power systems in India do not require any form of complicated maintenance procedures, for anything solar related our team is just a call away.