Rooftop Solar System India - Our Projects

5.4 kWp Rooftop Solar System India - Vasai, Mumbai

STELMEC’s rooftop solar power plant India is a prime example of a quality solar system.

As the awareness for renewable energy sources increase, industries across India are picking up the solar banner. The Solar Man India is at the forefront of installation of rooftop solar power plants in India.


4 kWp Residential Rooftop Solar System India - Borivali, Mumbai

The project was on the rooftop of an individual bungalow in Mumbai. Vikaram Solar Panels were used with delta inverters. Installation was done as per AS4777 & AS5033 standards. The panels were mounted on structures which were attached to the concrete blocks.The project was Net Metered with Reliance Infra, which is the utility provider for the Bungalow. 

10 kWp Rooftop Solar System In India - Parel, Mumbai

The project was done on a rooftop of a commercial complex in parel. The panels were attached on the roof, with two strings. The project was installed according to AS4777 & AS5033 standards. The system was net metered with BEST, which is the utility provided. 


5 kWp Rooftop Solar System In Bengaluru

The panels were attached with the pitched metal roof in two strings and were south facing. The single phase Fronius inverter was connected to the grid and was net metered with BESCOM, the utility in Bengaluru.

9 kWp Rooftop Solar System In Nagpur

The panels were mounted on structures on a flat RCC roof and were south facing. The panels were grouped into 4 strings as 2 five kWp systems. 2 five kWp inverters were connected and cables running 7 floors deep on the AC side. AS4777 & AS5033 standards were followed during the install. The project has been net metered with SNDL, the utility company in Nagpur.


5 kWp Rooftop Solar System In IDEMI, Chunabhatti, Mumbai

The system was installed as part of the Indian School of Solar (ISOS), which is an initiative started by The Solar Man India. Panels were mounted in a flat RCC roof using structures. 3 inverters were mounted, so that students could work and learn from them. The inverters were connected to the grid.