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We are a solar energy company Mumbai, India. Our mission is to bring clean renewable solar energy to homes, offices and industries across Mumbai.

We design, procure, install and commission rooftop solar panels to help you save on your electricity bills.

We do all the work for you!

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The Sun is an inexhaustible source of light and energy for our planet. Just one hour of it's abundant energy is enough to power the planet's entire electricity needs for an entire year! The technology to harness The Sun's energy is already here. Solar Power in India is a fast growing industry. As of 31 January 2017, the country's solar grid had a cumulative capacity of 9.24 gigawatts (GW) (source). With the average lifespan of solar panels being around 25 years, the real question should be: "Why Not Solar ?"

  • Savings On Electricity Bills
  • Solar Subsidy From The Government For Homes, Schools And Hospitals
  • Greenshouse Gas Emissions During Solar Power Generation
  • Income Tax Benefit For Solar Power Generation
  • Energy Independence
Savings On Electricity Bills

With electricity costs constantly on the rise, the installation of a solar power system could be the answer to all your energy needs. Solar power systems literally pay for themselves, this means that you can say goodbye to those annoying electricity bills. Our EPC Solar Solutions Company helps you save on your electricity bills and the planet at the same time!

Government Subsidy

The government of India's objective to achieve large-scale deployment of Solar Energy Systems has initiated a solar subsidy scheme to help individuals and organizations procure Solar Energy Systems at reduced capital costs. The solar subsidy in India is set at 30% for educational and medical institutions as well as residential societies. This means faster returns on your solar energy investment.

Greenhouse Gas Emissions During Power Generation

Solar energy is not only sustainable, it is also a clean source of renewable energy. Over the span of its lifetime, a solar energy plant not only produces clean energy but also offsets its initial production footprint. As a leading solar energy company in Mumbai, India; The Solar Man intends on putting solar power plants on the rooftops of every single home, office and industry across the country.

Income Tax Exemption For Solar Power Generation

Income tax benefit on solar power plants in India is based on the concept of accelerated depreciation. Accelerated Depreciation as per income tax department under the IT act for solar projects in India is set at 40% from the 1st of April 2017. Installing rooftop solar panels in India serves a huge opportunity to save on income tax. Our solar EPC Mumbai can help guide you through the process of acquiring accelerated depreciation for solar projects in India.

Energy Independence

Installing a solar energy system on your rooftop ensures that you essentially have an inexhaustible source of electricity that is entirely yours. What's more is that you can use it or sell it to the grid as per your daily energy requirement. Solar energy frees you from the uncertainty of India's power supply. Being one of the premier solar energy companies in Mumbai, we care.

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54,981.42 tCO2/year

CO2 emission savings

60,955 units/year

Electricity units saved
Free Site Audit

Our engineers are deployed to perform a free site audit in order to assess the feasibility of installing a rooftop solar power plant. You will then be briefed on the financial benefits of installing a solar energy system on your rooftop. This will include electricity savings, return on investment and information regarding applicable subsidies and income tax benefits of solar power generation.

Intelligent Design

The design of a rooftop solar power system is critical to long term energy independence . Every solar panel installation is different for us, as is every customer and consequently every design. Our engineers go back to the drawing board every time to come up with a personalized solar system design keeping You the customer in mind. We make sure to include the best quality solar products and optimize the solar power plant as per your energy consumption. We make sure nothing goes to waste.

Hassle-Free Installation

We take care of the entire installation process of your solar power plant, from start to finish. This includes the procurement of materials to fabrication, installation and commissioning of the entire project and is done with utmost care. We liaise with your current utility provider and acquire all necessary permissions. We focus on quality and emphasis on-time delivery of all our projects.

Excellent After-Sales Service

Although Solar Power Systems do not require any sort of sophisticated maintenance measures, other than the occassional wash with a bucket of water, our relationship does not end here. We will be glad to inform you about how to maintain your rooftop solar system, and for anything else, our team is just one call away.

Partner with us! We are constantly looking for business ideas and opportunities regarding solar energy in mumbai.

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