The Solar Man India is an EPC solar solutions company Mumbai, India. We are a subsidiary of Renewable Energy Solutions Australia Holdings Ltd (RESA). The Indian solar energy market is a crowded place, The Solar Man India prides itself in standing out from the crowd. With the expertise of our Australian counterparts, we provide personalised EPC solar solutions with a difference. India has set an extremely ambitious target of installing 100 gigawatts of solar power systems by 2022. The Solar Man India intends on supporting that goal by making solar energy easy and accessible to all. We are on a mission to bring clean, renewable, solar energy to every Indian rooftop. Our simple 4-step process aims at equipping India with the knowledge and support to install highly efficient solar power systems in order to achieve energy independence.

Power is one of the most critical components, crucial to the economic growth of a country. The Indian electricity sector is undergoing a significant shift that will redefine the way we think about power. India's per capita energy consumption for the year 2014-2015 is 1010kWh. This is set to grow by 91 percent over the next 25 years. The biggest challenge being faced to meet the country's growing energy requirement is its heavy dependence on oil and gas imports. India is an energy deficit country. We are currently operating at an astounding deficit of about 7-8% of the country's total power requirement. According to the census 2011, about 32% of Indian households lack access to basic electricity. For India to become a superpower we must transition from being an energy-deficit country, to an energy-positive one and finally into an energy-independent country. We need to become an India that is not dependant on the supply and demand fluctuations of oil and gas around the world. Solar Energy is the solution. At the current efficiency of solar panels, which is about 16%, the space required to power India's complete energy requirement is less than half the size of the country's second smallest state - Sikkim. We use various sources of energy, this is known as the energy mix. Surprisingly, even though solar energy is the most abundant source of renewable energy, it constitutes only 2 percent of the total energy mix in the country. We receive about 300 sunny days per year. This is a direct reflection of the potential for growth that solar power solutions can have on our country.

Solar energy is an investment, not only for our planet, but also for ourselves. From an investor's point of view, it is beneficial to go the EPC solar solutions route as selecting a competent EPC solar power solutions firm is of utmost importance. There are many factors that can derail the success of a project that, on paper looks like a sound investment. Factors such as design, delays, use of low quality solar products and construction issues can all contribute to a badly executed solar power project. The result of which could potentially end up making you wish you had chosen the right EPC solar solutions company in the first place. A good solar EPC firm has experience, knowledge, industry contacts, the right vendor leverages and excellent after-sales service. This ensures that your project is built and designed at the right price and delivered on time. With a long list of engineers, vendors and contractors at our disposal, we ensure that you receive the best return on your investment. Our EPC solar power solutions company does everything under one roof. We provide a one stop solution to all your solar needs. Our team of highly qualified engineers designs your system, procures high quality solar equipment and installs the solar power system on-site. Everything under one contract, leaving you with no unnecessary follow-ups or loose ends to tie-up. If you need a firm that is rooted in good communication practices, we make sure to take the time to walk you through every single step of the process. We focus on educating our clients, so you leave the process better informed than when you came in. Because when it comes down to it, we are an EPC solar solutions company that you can trust.

About Our Team

The team behind The Solar Man India is dedicated to providing the best quality solar power solutions the solar EPC community has to offer. Our enthusiastic team takes great pride in the fact that our job not only revolves around helping India move closer to its ultimate goal of energy independence, but also the fact that our job saves the planet.

Tony Le Messurier

Managing Director

Over 10 years experience in Renewable Energy Commercialisation and over 30 years business management and start-up experience

Michael Le Messurier

General Manager

Over 15 years experience in management, operations, procurement, marketing and commercial.

Kartik Arun


Mechanical Engineer with over 6 years of experience in Sustainable Energy strategy, engineering & finance across Asia & Europe.

Peter Domaschenz

Technical Advisor

Product Development Manager. Over 30 years of experience in both industrial and consumer electronics service sectors, in both trade based technical and management positions.

Andrew Nicholls

Technical Advisor

Electronics Engineer with over 30 years experience in electrical and electronics engineering and over 10 years experience with Solar PV and Renewable Energy Technology projects spanning Asia Pacific